Essay on The Epic Tale Of Gilgamesh

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The epic tale of Gilgamesh is the first of its kind and has set many modern day themes in storytelling around the world. Word of his great city Uruk as spread far from Mesopotamia. “Gilgamesh who underwent many hardships surpassing all kings” (100) Gilgamesh rules his city harshly and his people are burdened they cry to the gods for help. The gods grant their wish and create Enkidu, but what are the gods design for Gilgamesh’s life? Do they intend to provide Gilgamesh with a lifetime companion or are there intentions more dire? The creation of Enkidu serves as the most important fact of this epic tale, the bonds built by Enkidu encourage Gilgamesh to improve his great city, this would lead to Enkidu’s ruin and ultimately Gilgamesh’s downfall through vanity of wanting immortality. Even so in the end perhaps without realizing it Gilgamesh’s own desires would be fulfilled. The gods create Enkidu “let that one be equal, let them contend with each other, that Uruk may have peace.”(102) It is the gods design to create a balance in the city of Uruk. They work in a mysteries way which one leads to Gilgamesh’s destiny. With his new companion Gilgamesh tells Enkidu of the fierce monster Humbaba who lives in the Cedar forest. They go out of the city to slay this demon and bring back a vast cedar tree so they he may construct a gate big enough for the great city. They show Humbaba no mercy and kill him but before they do Humbaba curses them saying of the two of you may Enkidu not live…

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