Essay on The Epic Poem The Ramayana, And The Analects By Confucius

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Chase Fox, M/W 12:15 PM Within a community, it is important that everyone makes contributions. A community may suffer without a focus on making advancements. In many cultures, duty to community is emphasized. This duty requires that one devotes their actions to benefit a group as a whole and not focus on selfish reasons. The importance for this value is commonly reflected in ancient pieces of literature. Three texts that strongly reflect the value for duty are the Roman epic poem The Aeneid, the Hindu epic poem The Ramayana, and The Analects by Confucius. This essay will argue that all three texts emphasize the importance of duty to community and its role in society. It will conclude by explaining the effects of instilling a value for duty and the benefits it derives. In The Aeneid, the main character Aeneas demonstrates his devotion to duty throughout the story. When the Greeks attack the city of Troy in the night, Aeneas’ fidelity to duty causes him to pick up his sword and fight. Even when a priest insists that the city cannot be saved, Aeneas ignores him and rounds up his men to launch a counterattack out of his duty as a protector of Troy (Copley 828-829). This shows that the importance of duty is placed before the advice of a respected spiritual leader. It is significant because Romans view spiritual leaders as wise and respected figures of authority. It also shows that Aeneas cares more about saving his people than he does his own life. The Aeneid also shows that…

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