Essay about The Epic Poem ' Gilgamesh '

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The epic poem Gilgamesh has a large body of characters, some god, some mortal, and some demigod. Very few of the characters are presented as wholly good or evil. Even the gods are flawed at times.
Gilgamesh, the main character, is presented to us immediately as a flawed individual. Two thirds god and one third human, he is the strongest man on earth, and a very powerful king. At the same time, though, Gilgamesh terrorized his city, Uruk.
“Neither the father’s son nor the wife of the noble is safe in Uruk; neither the mother’s daughter nor the warrior’s bride is safe. The old men say: ‘Is this the shepherd of the people? Is this the wise shepherd, protector of the people? There is no withstanding the desire of the wild ox.’ ” 1
Gilgamesh is shown as a powerful warrior, though not one without fear. At many times in his journey, he is afraid, and would probably not have carried on if it weren’t for his companion, Enkidu. Gilgamesh has several moments of cowardice in the story. He is faced with mortality after Enkidu dies, and wanders the earth looking for a way to become immortal. While he is grieving for his lost companion, he is also grieving for himself, as he confronts the fact that he, too, will die one day. Enkidu was created as an equal and companion for Gilgamesh, to help tame him and bring peace to Uruk. At first he is purely good. He is one of the few characters who is actually happy with his lot in life. He roams the meadows with the animals and protects them from…

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