The Epic Poem ' Beowulf ' Essay

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The epic poem Beowulf was written in the era of the Anglo-Saxon’s. Beowulf is said to first be an oral poem. It is believed that someone wrote the oral poem, making it into a written a story. The author didn 't leave a signature, or a date stamp at the very least of it. He could have stopped a debate for going on for centuries. In the first place, is absolutely no history about the poem’s origins, so this lead scholars to dig deep into the story to find out information. Again, a definite author isn’t known, so who wrote it, and what is it? Notably, an epic poem is a long narrative that features a variety of heroic characteristics. Furthermore, Beowulf is a heroic story of a brave man that battles an evil mother and her son, and also battles a dragon that leads to his death. All this was done as a favor of anther king, to pay for a favor he did for Beowulf’s father. So who wrote this amazing narrative? The actual author is unknown and so scholars like to call this man or who knows maybe even a woman, “the Beowulf Poet”. Through out the poem, one will notice several similarities to religious text. This has led scholars to believe the author, or as I like to refer to him as the “Written Author”, is most likely a Christian monk. In addition, Monks were some of the few people that could write during that period. This gives more support that the said author was most likely and monk. Origins of Cu Chulainn are from the Irish mythological heroes. In class we were told he is the…

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