The Epic Of The Ramayana Of Valmiki Epic Poem Essay

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In both iterations of the Ramayana of Valmiki epic poem, the main characters are portrayed as ideal figures in society and portray a high standard of what it means to be a man or woman. The titular character Rama, the eldest and most favored son of King Dasharatha is portrayed as the perfect son, husband and an excellent warrior – he is referred to as “the best of men” on occasion and lives his life on the principle of righteousness. As a result, these qualities have earned him the praise and respect of everyone in their kingdom, as well as the favor of the Gods. The extent of his righteousness is showcased when he is banished by Kaikeyi in a scheming attempt to secure power for her own son and herself, but Rama does not challenge or question her in order to please and honor his father’s promises to Kaikeyi. He is willing to endure misfortune to please those he loves and for what is right – he states “At the bidding of the king, if enjoined by him, my guru, father, king, and benefactor. I would hurl myself into fire, drink deadly poison, or drown myself in the sea.” (Page 624)
Rama’s wife, Sita is also idealized – like Rama; she is the perfect woman, highly devoted to her husband, confident in his abilities and obedient. She thinks of no man who isn’t Rama himself and would rather face a brutal death rather than succumb to Ravana’s lust and when threatened by the demon, she confidently warns him of his impending doom at Rama’s hands when she states “You are seeking to…

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