The Epic Of The Mahabharata Essay

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A reimagining of the world-famous Hindu epic, the Mahabharata — told from the perspective of an amazing woman, Draupadi was a fearless princess of the Hindu epic Mahabharata. The one with an unbending will. The Proud and wrathful heroine of the epic, Draupadi was an enigmatic woman of substance. Draupadi, meaning daughter of Drupad, was known by numerous other names as well. As the princess of the kingdom of Panchal she was known as Panchaali. She is also called Krishnaa because she was dark skinned, fiery eyed and had long, black hair. This name was given to her by her friend Lord Krishna. The Palace of Illusions takes us back to a period that is half history, half myth and completely magical. Described by Panchaali, the wife of the great Pandava siblings in the Mahabharata, the novel gives us a new dimension to the ancient epic. The novel traces the life of princess Panchaali, beginning with her birth in divine fire and following her unusual life as a woman with five husbands who were cheated out of their father 's (Pandu’s) kingdom. Staying at the side of her five husbands through years of exile and a terrible war involving all the important kingdoms of India.
At the time of the birth of Draupadi a celestial announcement was made. The voice said “Behold, we give you this girl, a gift beyond what you asked for. Take good care of her, for she will change the course of history.” It was no secret that Draupad…

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