Essay about The Epic Of The Iliad The Hero Achilles

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In the epic of the Iliad the hero Achilles had learned that pride can get in the way of your priorities. Achilles had got into argument with his commander at war Agamemnon who is Menelaus brother. In the midst of the argument Agamemnon said this statement:”You may be a good man in a fight, Achilles…Some suitable prize of their own choice, But if it doesn’t, I’ll just go take something myself” in Book I line 140 – 147. Which means that Agamemnon was going to take Briseis from Achilles. Breseis was a given to Achilles as a war prize from an allied city of Troy. Agamemnon wanted to take Achilles prize as a replacement for the priest daughter Chrysies.
Achilles pride was hurt by Agamemnon for him taking his prize so he said “You shameless, profiteering excuse for a commander…Unhonored myself and piling up a fortune for you” in Book I line 159 – 181. Which means that Achilles whether go home to Phthia then to be disrespected by Agamemnon. Achilles came to the war for the honor of Menelaus and for glory. But, when Agamemnon disrespected him, Achilles let his pride get in his way to take care of business which was the Trojan War. Since, Achilles didn’t go back to the war in Book XVI Patroclus dies in line 454
As Patroclus is dying he predicts that his death will start a cycle of violence and death. After, Hector bragged about killing Patroclus, Patroclus said barely as he died”Brag while you can, Hector, Zeus and Apollo Have given you an easy victory this time…I see Death…

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