The Epic of Gilgamesh Essay

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The Epic of Gilgamesh The Epic of Gilgamesh is an ancient artifact from Sumerian literature. There actually was a King in Sumer by the name of Gilgamesh, who lived at about 2700 BC. The Epic casts Gilgamesh as a ruler and great hero and cast as being part man and part god. The story has Gilgamesh set off with a companion in search of cedar wood to bring back to their woodless land. His companion is killed during a violent storm. The Sumerian Epic blames the death upon the storm god, Enlil. Gilgamesh then searches for the plant that restores youth, a recurring theme throughout centuries of literature. The Epic concludes with Gilgamesh dying.

The text points out that the Epic is deeply pessimistic and provides insight into the
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Homer has remained an inspiration for Greek literature throughout the ages. Homer’s influence has spread throughout the world. Greek gods such as Zeus, Apollo and Nike are universally recognized as are themes such as the Trojan horse.

In his two most noteable epics, The Iliad and The Oddyssey, homer looks at the human condition. The Iliad looks at warriors but essentially is a poem about men and women. The odyssey examines cleverness more than military might. A series of adventures lead Odysseus through his journey home after the Trjan war. His faithful wife is awaiting his return.


Greek infantry soldiers of this period were grouped into a formation called the phalanx. The text describes a phalanx as a close knit formation of soldiers usually eight deep. The infantry soldiers were also known as hoplites. The hoplites grouped into the phalanx formation, a shield in one hand and a spear in the other. As the shielded themselves from the attacking army they often used the shield of the hoplite next to them for protection. This close knit body of hoplites, many from the middle class are considered by many historians to have contributed to the growth of political consciousness and also steered Greek society to a greater degree of self-government.

Delian League

The Delian League began as an alliance of equals and ended up to become an Athenian empire. After Sparta removed itself from the other Greek city states fighting

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