The Epic Of Gilgamesh By Andrew George Essay

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The Sumerian epic poem, The Epic of Gilgamesh translated by Andrew George, is about a man and his friend going on adventures together until tragedy occurs and one dies while the other is left mourning and going on an adventure no mortal man has gone before. There are several themes throughout this epic that people can relate to. One of these themes is life and death. The Sumerians that created this story try to depict their views of mortality and how mortality can affect people and make them fear death. Some will say that one does not need to understand death in order to face reality or to have personal growth because the hardships in life can make one try to better themselves. Others will say that understanding death can crimple someone with fear because they will always know what the end for a mortal is. But this epic tries to demonstrate how death affects everyone and brings about an understanding of reality and life, whether they are the ones whose death approaches, one who greatly fears death, or who are immortal and have no fear of death. I believe that this epic is trying to explain that mortality is about understanding death and once death is understood one can face reality and have personal growth.
Being mortal means that you cannot take for granted life that can end quickly; you could be old or young when death takes you. And so you should be proud of the things you have done in life and fully appreciate the life that you have lived. In the epic Enkidu has a dream…

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