The Epic Of Beowulf By William Shakespeare Essay

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“Beowulf” is one of the oldest and most legendary tales of strength and valor. It only makes sense that this story would eventually be adapted by Hollywood into a film. Despite the story being as engaging as it already is, the most recent film adaption strays far from the epic poem. These changes affect the characters, themes, and plot. Though both the poem and the film are good on their own, the film’s meaning does not stay true to the original story it pays homage to. In the plot of the original epic poem, Beowulf is put through three major battles. He first fights Grendel, an evil monster from the moorland who terrorizes the Danish mead hall Heorot. Then he fights Grendel’s mother, a creature much like Grendel who hides in the waters of the moor. Finally, at the end of the poem, Beowulf battles against a dragon before he is killed by its fatal bite. The movie tells the story much differently. Like the poem, Beowulf does fight Grendel, and after defeating him goes to find Grendel’s mother. This is where the film takes a major step away from the poem. When Beowulf finds Grendel’s mother, she is not the hideous monster pictured in the book. She is instead a beautiful woman. She promises Beowulf that she will help him become king if he helps her conceive a child. Beowulf accepts her promise and then returns to Heorot, claiming to have defeated her. The child he conceived with Grendel’s mother turns out to be a monstrous dragon who seeks to kill his father. Because of these…

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