The Epic Of Beowulf By William Beowulf Essay

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The elaborate epic of Beowulf depicts the journey of the Danish nation who struggle with the ongoing destruction caused by old and new feuds and wergilds. Beowulf depicts feuds to be everlasting and easily triggered, because the past controls the present. These grudges result in the inevitability of a feud to continue or reoccur. In Beowulf, the many nations mentioned prove how feuds and wergilds can be destructive physically and morally for individuals and nations.
Violence is a way of life in the Scandinavian warrior culture of Beowulf. In Beowulf, battle is very bloody and detailed with gory imagery. Inevitably this “warrior culture” tends to be the root of feuds for they tend to turn to violence for solutions to their problems. Beowulf references more than a dozen feuds (Hyans 4). This brings about the issue of pride, and to keep it, they turn to violence and start feuds. The feuds turn into hate overtime, and the hatred makes it hard for one to forget the peace between them that they once had. Paul Hyans discusses the process of a feud to be when the people identify a wrong, and cast themselves victim to such worn in which they believe they must respond (3). In the beginning of Beowulf, the Danes went through a period without a leader resulting in a state of constant turmoil and fear of the enemies they had around them from past feuds. Then one of their greatest kings came to rise known as Beow, their former king Shield Sheafson’s son, who is known as a great warrior.…

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