The Environmentalist Bill Mckibben 's ' Deep Economy ' Essay example

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The environmentalist Bill McKibben in his book “Deep Economy” he addresses some of the major issues we have as a society and mentions some of the ways we could reach a more sustainable nation. According to him we suffer from three major crisis. The first problem, he thinks we need to deal with is politics, now days we are focusing more in the economy and forgetting about the impact it is creating in our natural environment. The second problem is growth, which refers to the idea that we have about money making us happier. The last problem and the one he stresses the most is physics and chemistry; this refers to the problem with have with fossil fuel, which is one of the biggest cause of climate change. The solution he gives to this crisis is a change of mind set, according to him we are now in a very hyper-individualistic society where we do not care about anything else but ourselves, we forget about the importance of community, the environment and the future. To fix this we have to give back into the public realm and change our economy to a more local one. However something he does not mention in this is gender. Mckibben does not address any aspect of the differences between genders, but his idea of the ideal society is a very feminine mind set. In the article “Sustainability: a gender perspective” by Gerdan Casimir and Chris Dutilh, they discuss the two different mind set people have, one is the consumer and one is the citizen. They relate the consumer mind set to a…

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