The Environmental Management Of A Sustainable Global System Essays

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Over the course of this unit I have developed many different new ways to look at the environment, and how the things that I do every day can impact the rest of the world, even if I don’t see the impact where I live. I believe that I fall in the Environmental managers underneath Anthropocentrism. Using figure 6 in my syllabus I discovered that an environmental managers are under Anthropocentrism which a people centered way of looking at the world. Most Anthropocentrism is when people are the managers of a sustainable global systems. They believe that we should regulate resources when they are hurting the resources that humans need to survive. I do agree with this in many ways because many times egocentrism ideas are great, most of the time I feel that they are not economically feasible with the lives that most people live today. The good thing about being more anthropocentric is that we can still protect the world and its resources without having to get rid of the modern convinces. The reason that I believe that I belong under an environmental manager instead of a self – reliance soft ecologist is that I have more faith in modern technology than most self – reliance soft ecologists. I do not think that technology will be able to catch up to the problems with the world and stop global warming from happening, but I do believe that the technology can help us stop the problem. There are many different inputs in my life that have caused me to see the environment and judge ideas…

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