The Environmental Impact Of Human Is Inevitable Essay

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Every living thing has its own influence on its surrounding, especially human. This latter is at the top of the food chain; therefore, the environmental impact of human is inevitable. As technology developed, urban area expanded, and human population increased, our environment got worse. This phenomenon happened in my hometown, Lishui. In this city, local inhabitants’ activities caused water, land and air pollution, were a major cause of insufficient resources, and habitat and biodiversity destruction. Lishui is a prefecture-level city that located in the southwest of Zhejiang province. As a prefecture-level city, it can be grouped into one municipal district, seven counties, and one county-level city. Lishui’s area covers latitude 27° 25 ' to 28° 57 ' N and longitude 118° 41 ' to 120° 26 ' E, and it is surrounded by giant mountains. The city covers approximately 6,679 square miles, among which 88.42% of mountain, 5.52% of arable land, and 6.06% of river, road, and villages. The main river, Ou river flow though Lishui before emptying into the East China Sea. (See Image 1) Because of its unique location, the weather in Lishui is warm and humid. Lishui belongs to the subtropical monsoon climate, with four distinct seasons, abundant rainfall, warm and wet climate, occasional frost, and characteristic of the mountain climate. Lishui has a short, mild, tepid winter and long, very hot, humid summer. For example, the summer usually begins in April and end in October, the highest…

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