The Environmental Causes And Effects Of Global Warming The World

Global warming is a major issue facing the world today. The earth’s physical temperature has gradually began to increase by one degree almost every year. A temperature increase of one degrees does not sound harmful but yet it has caused many natural disasters such as droughts and major storms like floods, tsunamis, and unexpected tornados. Fossil fuels, deforestation, and electrical power plants are some factors that have caused this global crisis. Fossil fuels, deforestation, and electrical power plants release harmful chemicals such as carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. Releasing these dangerous chemicals into the atmosphere causes the ozone layer to gradually disintegrate. The ozone layer is a shield around the earth. This shield protects …show more content…
(Grounds) The daily ritual of turning on electricity for many people; releases many greenhouse gases based on the form of electricity used.
While small quantities of carbon dioxide do exist naturally in the atmosphere, the generation of electricity has greatly increased the presence of greenhouse gases in the planet’s atmosphere. The overwhelming majority of scientist believe that this contributes to an unnatural degree of global warming that has the potential to affect the global climate, destroy animal populations and change local ecosystems. (Backing)(Thompson 2)
(Warrant) Electricity increases the amount of greenhouse gases leading to the increase in global climate; switching electricity systems to solar panels should decrease the amount of greenhouse gases which then would allow for the temperature increase to slow
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(Warrant) Electricity is clearly used frequently by individuals around the world; therefore, using solar panels instead of emitting greenhouse gases will make a large impact on climate change. (Backing)Many individuals around the world use electricity to do daily activities such as lighting, cooking, watching T.V, charging a cell phone, and having heat or cool air. Therefore using solar panels to do these daily activities would provide a good source of energy but more importantly a clean source of energy. Using this clean source of energy would help to slow down the global warming process. (Ground) Solar panels are manufactured by companies and then are powered by sunlight which is a natural reusable resource. This allows for electrical companies to still create jobs while slowing down pollution that comes from the process of using greenhouse gases as energy. (Counter-claim) Although electricity companies create many jobs for people, (rebuttal) the use of solar panels can also create many job positions through the manufacturing and distributing process. (Warrant) Many research reports on jobs and solar energy have shown that solar energy has helped provide jobs and income for portions of the

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