The Environment For A Safe Environment Essay

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Before any session or activity, it is important to make sure that the space is clear of any hazards, ensuring the children will work in a safe environment. Always be aware of who is responsible for checking the learning environment for possible risks.
Generally children will be working within a classroom, and although the space is used daily there will always be potential hazards to look out for and this should not be taken for granted.
Firstly the work area should be spacious enough for children to sit in small groups and move from one space to the other without a problem. The area should have adequate lighting for both children and staff to work without irritation. Certain light sources can bring on headaches or discomfort. As well as taking vision into consideration, it is also necessary to think about the audio. The work space should not be too noisy, as this affects the child 's learning and comfort levels.
After looking at the above areas we must then look at the specific individuals whom will be expected to work within the set space. Is the area appropriate for the age and abilities of the group of children? Do any of the children have special educational needs? Are there any risks to staff or pupils with impairments or health issues? Again when preparing for each session the area and activity will have to be planned with these factors in mind.
Furniture should be of a size that children are able to sit comfortably, therefore the age group of the children will need to…

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