The Environment And Its Impact On Our Environment Essay

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For decades economy and ecology have been used to represent opposing interest which led many to believe they are different however they go hand in hand together and could not be separated. Economy is the management of the resources and production in a certain area while ecology deals with the interaction between organisms and its surrounding. Ecology and economy have a mutually exclusive relationship in which they both depend on each other however both can’t occur at the same time in order for the world to thrive.
Economy is when a producer produces things for the consumers. It is a system of reciprocation. It’s meeting the demands of the consumer in return for doing business and buying more products. When a product is in high demand, it costs more thus more of that product is produced. As the amount of production of goods increases, the amount of reusable and nonrenewable resources used increases which affect our environment long term.
An ecologist studies the environment and compares previous research to current research. They have to analyze the data in order to see how our actions impact living things and the environment. They use grant money in order to develop products and create new production methods similar to nature’s.
In “Industry Awakens to Threat of Climate Change” by Coral Davenport, the effects of climate change on company forces them to go greener. It focuses on how the economy will face many challenges in the future, which will affect production in the long…

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