The Environment And Its Effects On The Human Race Essay

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In almost every walk of life, a genuine concern for the environment may be one of the most underrated virtues of all. Although often overlooked, the environment has a monumental effect on the human race. As a Christians, we have one of the greatest responsibilities that exist, that is to care for Gods creation. As Psalms 8:32 tells us "Thou madest him to have dominion over the works of thy hands;" God has put a great responsibility on man kind, we must be proactive in fulfilling our purpose when it comes to the environment. Therefore our involvement is a must when it comes to the environment. What I mean is, many times Christians are often the last people to get behind a honorable cause, in fear of jumping on the bandwagon to soon, consequently, supporting something that is contrary to their beliefs. We must not sit back in fear of doing the wrong thing and do nothing at all. We have the favor, knowledge, and power of God to fulfill our calling when it comes to environmental issues. We must educate those around us, use our influence to promote environmental literacy. Many times ignorance to the facts play a role in these problems. Our involvement includes leading by example, examining and improving our own lives concerning the environment. As Christians God has given us the tools necessary to be successful, good morals and ethics will lead us to making right decision for ourselves as well as educating other.
Do Christians care for the environment? This question has been…

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