Essay The Entrepreneur Trend Of The Sharing Economy

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The entrepreneur trend of the sharing economy is on the rise and is like a bull in a china shop in the process. With the market being disrupted by for-profits and non-profits companies that are encouraging independent contractors. Describing perfectly the sharing economy Sprague, Robert says “The always-connected, app-driven U.S. economy of the early twenty-first century fostered development of a new online business model: people with underutilized assets -- time, particular skills, vehicles, household goods, spare bedrooms, or even home-cooked meals -- connect with other people or businesses seeking those assets. New companies, including Lyft, Uber, TaskRabbit, and Airbnb, adopted this business model. “They are thriving in this new market and disrupting the companies that could be called a monopoly. Independent contractors are on the rise with the more free thinking people in the world. Everyday consumers might be using a sharing company and not even know it. A sharing company can be business to peer or peer to peer. Some of these companies are Etsy, Uber, Indiegogo, Airbnb and Food Swap. These types of companies have flooded the market and people say they don’t like them and that they are bad for the economy but they are not sure what they are and that they might be using one. All a sharing company is a company that gives independence to an employee and to the customer. This might scare the average consumer because they then have multiple options. In an article about the…

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