Essay on The Enlightenment Was A Movement

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The Enlightenment was a movement that claimed the minds of a majority of liberal thinkers and was a time of political awakening that became revolutionary. Spreading throughout Europe and describing a time in western philosophy, the Enlightenment was the time scholars and intellectuals were free to speak their mind without fear of authority. Individuals of this certain time period, which was known as the “Age of Reason” spoke on fundamental concepts that were faith in nature, belief in human progress, reason and liberty. During the seventeenth and eighteenth century the Enlightenment brought a new wave of information and thought into a society at the time that was controlled by aristocrats and people who held high positions in the church. Enlightenment thinkers truly believed that truth could be discovered through reason and that anything natural was always good and reasonable for a person, and that everyone should be urged to find well-being on earth. The Enlightenment was a period that people were free to exercise their reasoning’s and thoughts with most thinkers believing in human progress through education and rational thinking. Intellectuals argued that reason could free human kind from superstition and religious authoritarian power that brought suffering to the people of Europe, particularly in France. This movement was the discovery of new methods of science and moving away from religious reasoning’s and focusing on logic. These leading people in Enlightenment were…

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