The Enlightenment And The Presidency Of Barack Obama Essay

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The Enlightenment shined a ray of hope on the dark ages and provided the foundation and ideals that modern-day society is built upon. A recent political event analogues to the Enlightenment was the election Barack Obama and the hope he gave in 2008. The Enlightenment and the Presidency of Barack Obama have allowed mankind to progress and improve but are mischaracterized as failures for not reaching their potential. This period promised to put an end to society’s ills through logical thought. In many ways the period did succeed it allowed: philosophy, human rights and science to flourish. When President Obama was elected he promised to save and transform the nation in many ways he seceded through: financial reforms, saving GM and The Affordable Health Care Act. The progress of both President Obama and the Enlightenment have been fought at every opportunity by the unenlightened and their archaic ideals. The progress that has been achieved has made the world a better place.
The foundation for Enlightenment’s progress was diminishing the churches influence. In the dark ages in keep power the church would stifle scientist like, Galileo Galilei. He was sentenced to life under house arrest for publishing “Starry Messenger” a book about himself discovering Jupiter’s moons denouncing geocentrism. The Enlightenment took away the churches power by spreading the ideas of deism, humanism and a focus on life on Earth. As the power of the church declined more brilliant minds and were…

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