The Enlightenment And The Age Of Reasoning Essay examples

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The historians also refer the enlightenment period as the "age of reasoning." This was philosophical movement between the 17th century and 18th century that took place primarily in Europe and North America. Through this period the participants were participating in an illuminating human culture and intellect after the “dark” middle ages. The main characteristics associated with enlightenment include the rise of concepts such as liberty, scientific methods, and reasoning (Edelstein, 2010). The philosophy related to enlightenment was skeptical of religion more so on the powerful Catholic Church, hereditary aristocracy, and monarchies. The Enlightenment philosophy made its influence in American revolutions, ushering in the French and constitutions.
According to Stanford Encyclopedia philosophy, enlightenment stated in the mid-1600s. Then the Enlightenment culminated the French revolution between 1789 to1799 and then followed the Romantic period. Among the major figures associated with enlightenment are Thomas Hobbes, Adam Smith, Voltaire, Isaac Newton, Jean-Jacques and Thomas Jefferson (Edelstein, 2010).
The scientific revolution contribution to enlightenment According to Edelstein a writer and historian, the ideas that led to the origin of “enlightenment’ started in the thirty years of war, 1618-1648. During this long and bloody war, the religious conflict caused a great deal of social disruption. This led to many questioning and criticizing the concept of…

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