The English Language Essay

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JULY 22 LAST YEAr wAS mEANT to be a typical Sunday. Just like every
Sunday, my mother and I were getting ready to visit my older brother at his Waikiki apartment, where we would talk for a little while. But July
22nd was different. That chilly morning, we got a phone call from his roommate telling us my brother was going to the emergency room. As we drove to Queen’s Hospital, I didn’t know what to think. Although
I tried to assure myself that nothing serious could have happened to him, anxiety clouded my mind.
My brother, Tyson, emigrated from vietnam with my mom and my other older brother to the United States in 1990, with dreams of a new life and fresh opportunities. He enrolled in high school with virtually no knowledge of the English language. Even though he had to simultaneously manage a part-time job at McDonald’s, he excelled in academics and was the top of his class in calculus.
At 34 years old, he was the epitome of health: he ran marathons every year, had a healthy diet, and never smoked or drank alcohol. When
I got to the Er and saw him lying in the hospital bed, he looked like the Tyson that I always knew. nothing seemed wrong. He just seemed tired, and he didn’t have the energy to speak.
However, coming back from an MrI scan, my brother seemed different.
His eyes were unfocused and dazed, as if he didn’t see the room in front of him. Uneasiness and fear rushed down my spine. I shouted for help, just as my brother’s body started to spasm. I felt a profound…

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