The English Language Essay

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Have you ever wondered where the names for the different items you use daily came from? Or listened to people talk and find a particular word interesting or odd and wonder why it has become part of our English language? The English language that we speak today has developed as a result of many different influences and changes over thousands of years. The resulting changes to the English language can be split into three time periods that include, Old English or Anglo-Saxon, Middle English and Modern English which is commonly used today Old English, which is also referred to as Anglo-Saxon, is thought historically to be the earliest form of the English language. Originating with the arrival of three West Germanic tribes, who encroached into Britain during the fifth century AD from across the North Sea from modern day Denmark and Northern Germany. These tribes the Angles, the Saxon, and the Jutes were from around the same area of northern Europe and spoke similar languages. The withdrawal of the Roman troops from Britain in about 450 AD left the native Celtics venerable to invasions. The first of the Germanic tribes the Angles, from the region called Angelin, crossed the North Sea to Britain later followed by the Saxton and Jutes. According to Bill Bryson from his book The Mother Tongue, this ‘was not so much an invasion as a series of opportunistic encroachments taking place over several generations.” (47).The native Celtics, who spoke a Celtic language, were mostly pushed…

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