The English Language Listening Skills Essay

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English Language Listening Skills
1. Telephone – This is an activity that could be used to help students listen carefully to their classmates by listening to a message and passing it on to the classmate next to them. This is a fun way to encourage students to try to listen to the message and pass it on correctly.
2. Audio textbooks- Audio textbooks are helpful to Emergent Bilinguals because they help students follow along by listening to the voice while they are reading. These books provide a read-aloud model for the students. It helps them here the tone as well as the pronunciation of the words.
3. Minimal pairs card hold-up - This is an activity where students have to listen to words being called out and choose from word cards that they were given the word called out. This helps Emergent Bilinguals by having to listen to the pronunciation of the words and choosing the correct card.
4. Order the lyrics- In this activity, students have to put in order cut outs of lyrics of a song that is playing. This helps Emergent Bilinguals by having to pay attention and listen to the pronunciation and word order of the lyrics to be able to put the lyrics in order. English Language Reading Skills
1. Prefix + root + suffix pattern- analyzing and using forms and patterns like the prefix root and suffix pattern help Emergent Bilinguals to decode words that they read or hear by learning certain patterns.
2. Previewing and predicting: reviewing titles, section headings, and photo…

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