The English Language Development Test Essay

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While test interpretation could be complicated, when it comes to multicultural issues within test interpretation we face many problems. Initially the availability of a reliable or adequate test for the bilingual population is rarely possible, and there will probably never be a perfect test to assess this population. There are many tests available in Spanish but due to the wide variation of the language from person to person, many challenges arise. For those people who speak other languages than Spanish, the amount of tests available to their population is very low or even nonexistent. Some tests are only available in English, an example is the California English Language Development Test (CELDT). This test assesses the English listening, speaking, reading and writing abilities. It was created to determine the proficiency of English-language learners (ELL) in each of those areas without assessing their native language. Within the test there are five levels of proficiency ranging from beginner to advanced and the test takers are given a rank based on their scores. Although this test provided a quick measurement of the persons’ proficiency, the drawback was that it disregarded scope, depth and accuracy of results (Langdon and Wiig, 2009).
When interpreting test, the speech-language pathologist (SLP) must be aware of various conditions. Such as, test results and derived scores on their own do not show the entire individuals performance ability. It is important to understand the…

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