The English Common Law System Essay

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Every wonder why our society runs so organized and functional? Well the answer is very simple, laws. Another thing to think about is what are laws? Most importantly, where did laws come from? According to history, our law system came from Great Britain. Make sense, considering that Great Brian was the only foundation we knew of when we broke free from them. Originally when the thirteen colonies came from Europe to the United States, they brought their own set of rules and principles to be used in their new society.
The English Common Law was the system of law in England at that time. Also, this system was quickly adopted throughout the colonies. The English Common Law is the roots in centuries of English origin and history. The Common Law was established in the early11th century until the early 17th century. During this time, our country adopted the Democratic system of government. Democracy is a form of government that allows their citizens to have a say in voting for what laws would be passed or rejected, choosing who is running for office, or elect person to represent their views and solve their issues. Democracy is a major factor in our system of government. Over time, Democracy has grown stronger and became the official foundation of our society.
However, how long can the government operate like this before efficiency before it affects our democracy. A balance between Democracy and Efficiency was the ideal government system; however, Parliament favored the efficient…

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