The English Civil War Essay

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The English Civil War was a turning point in English history and in the life of an ordinary country gentlemen, Oliver Cromwell. The English Civil War started in 1642 and ended in 1651. During those nine years, Oliver Cromwell rose in rank to the position of Protectorate because of his relationship with his capable troops and military skill in battle. While historians debate his role, Oliver Cromwell was an effective leader in trying to create a better England. Before the English Civil War of 1642 began, the king of Great Britain and Ireland was Charles I. Charles I and Parliament had many disputes over how money should be spent. This led to the dissolution of Parliament in 1629. Charles I now ruled by himself for eleven years. This is known as the “Eleven Years Tyranny”. He gained money by charging positions in court, selling monopolies, and increasing taxes (“English Civil War”). During this time Star Chamber maintained order. Star Chamber was created in 1487 by Henry VII. It was a civil and criminal court named after the star-ceiling decoration of the room in the Palace of Westminster. Star Chamber was made up of twenty to thirty judges. It was prohibited in 1641 by the Long Parliament. Long Parliament was an English Parliament lasting from 1640-1653 and returned again in 1659-1660. Because of Charles I’s actions during the “Eleven Years Tyranny”, conflicts started to form between Charles I and the Royalists (Cavaliers) versus the Parliamentarians (Roundheads). A civil…

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