Essay on The English Civil War

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1. The English Civil War is one of the most debated conflicts in history. It was a complete disruption economically, socially, and politically. The wars from 1640-1660 completely changed England. The king and the House of Lords lost their power, and England changed from a monarchy to a republic, among other effects. On the first page, the author describes the effects that the war had. It says, “Sometimes such other events have changed the occupancy or the powers of the throne, but the conflict of 1640-60 was more extensive. The monarchy and the House of Lords were abolished, and were replaced by a republic and military rule. The government and liturgy of the Church of England were abolished too” (Worden, page 1).

2. England had prospered under the rule of Charles’ father, King James. There was no worry as to who would be his heir because he had many sons. England and Scotland were united under one king, which prevented European invaders from entering England. During the rule of the Tudors, Protestantism had been made the national religion of England. By King James’ rule, it was much more accepted and helped to unify England. On pages 3 and 4, the author points out that King James’ rule was peaceful and successful. It says, “ The smooth succession of James VI of Scotland as James I of England produced surprise and relief. He brought advantages which Elizabeth had lacked. He had sons, so that there need be no succession problem for long to come.” Then later, “By the reign of…

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