The Engineering Of Civil Engineering Essay

1017 Words Apr 16th, 2016 null Page
I honestly never would have thought that someone would ever chose civil engineering as a topic for a informative speech, in this Comm class. Civil Engineering was a very interesting topic to become more informed in due to everything that is involved with this topic, involving ourselves. Finding out how Civil Engineering ties in with every day life, from trees, buildings, rooms, and floors. I had no idea before how much it took to become a Civil Engineer, as well as all the math involved with this major, and the morality behind it.
As a class we all became informed on the four areas behind civil engineering, first structural, geo structural, water resources, and transportation. The structural part of civil engineering would be the planning and building of roads, the geo structural area would be the building of buildings as well as the planning, the water recourse would be the building of dams to hold the supply of water, and last transportation, this would be the building and planning of amtracks, and subway.
Becoming more informed about the areas behind civil engineering really helped prove Daniels point on how civil engineering is all around us. I never would have thought that a civil engineer would have something to do with the process behind water recourse, as well as water preservation.
One thing that really sparked my interest was when he talked about one thing a civil engineer needs are morals. I asked myself why would a civil engineer need morals, what do morals…

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