The Energy Source Is The Key Factor Of This Project Essay

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 Energy: Energy sources are the key factor of this project. Finding the energy source is the biggest challenge. They durability and efficiency of the project depends upon it.
 Waste: Heavy underground constructions like this one generally produces a lot of waste. The team is responsible for the proper management of these waste, as this a key factor that might affect the environment.
 Transport: It is an integral part of the project. Long constructions need sustainable transport. Transportation in the plant area needs to be organized and scheduled. This will affect the smoothness of the construction.
 Water Usage: Controlled water usage needs to be monitored. The Development team will be responsible for monitoring and keep record of the water usage in this construction.
 Materials and Resources: Materials discovered or found should be kept in the record. Used materials should be checked for recycling ability. Found resources should be tested and analyzed for potential re-use.
Key Performance Indicators Financial
 Return on Investment: ROI will decide the profit margin of the project. It needs to be moderate in order for the project to be a success.
 Business Agility: Any rapid change in the plan (external or internal) should be dealt with momentum and vision.
Key Performance Indicators Products
 Servicing of Product: Product must be checked after installation for constructional errors and future flaws.
 Lifespan of Product: An expected lifespan of the…

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