The Energy Of The Generation Essay

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The Energy of the Generation
After the nuclear incidents in Chernobyl and Fukishima, it has created a worldwide panic over the usage of nuclear power. Due to the perceived risks, people were skeptical about whether the use of nuclear power was a reasonable option for producing energy. As a result, countries are resorting to renewable sources such as solar power, wind energy, hydropower, etc. It became an alternative to nuclear energy. Despite the nuclear incidents, nuclear power has greatly contributed to the electricity and it should not be destroyed. The two articles stated below demonstrate that there has been much controversy over what energy source is superior.
In “The Steady Decline of the Nuclear Energy Industry,” Mycle Schneider, Antony Froggatt, and Julie Hazemann, who are all independent consultants on international energy issues, argue that nuclear industry is falling into a recession and that it is gradually going to be replaced by renewable energy. In contrast, Mario Salazar, an environmental engineer and author of “Nuclear Power: The Case for a Safe, Alternative Energy Source,” states that people have exaggerated the risks of nuclear power and describes how other energy sources are far more fatal. He tries to appeal to the audience by not comparing nuclear to renewable, but by providing how nuclear is not actually as harmful as people label it to be. Although the articles having opposing views, both positions share a common ground, which is to find an…

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