The Energy Crisis Is A Big Headache For People Around The World

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Phase 1 reflection
The Energy crisis is a big headache for people around the world, the increasing expenditure of petroleum and gas filling encourages scientists come up a replacement which should be environmental friendly, sustainable and effective. Therefore, solar energy becomes a spotlighting resource. Our project is designing and constructing a solar-powered car dedicated to tow a boat ,meanwhile the solar powered car is also a kind of simulation of the renewable energy based automobile in actual life comprised by power suppliers, a reliable engine, and a sound transmission system . The trickier topic is that we try to make it run fast as possible as we can. Correspondingly, our group members selected various technical streams to supporting our projects. Naomi Ho, our group leader, YINGDA ZHANG and SHENGXIANG CAI enrolled in photovoltaic stream majoring the power supply. Ivan GIANG and Alan You choose the electrical engineering stream concentrating on circuit device and testing. The implementation and design of transmission system become my important work.


Without cooperation and discussion, neither Albert Michelson nor Edward Morley could design the Michelson interferometer to prove the non-existence of Luminiferous aether and hence encouraging the issue of specific relativity.From the discussion part, some of the views toward the designing and problem defining were changed largely.For a example,our group members…

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