Essay on The Energy Consumption Of The Uk

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Household energy consumption in the UK has increased by 12% since 2000, due to factors such as population growth and greater personal demand. Despite DEFRA’s best efforts, many households are unaware or unwilling to change their attitudes and behaviours, despite the provision of relevant information. In order to determine an adequate solution, it is necessary to first outline the ways in which peoples’ attitudes are shaped and how they influence behavioural actions.

Attitudes can be defined as a person’s subjective evaluation of an object or event, and can either be positive or negative. Attitudes can be implicit or explicit. Implicit attitudes are a way of thinking that is generally uncontrollable and reflexive, as they can be moulded easily and quickly with little to no conscious mental processing. Explicit attitudes however, are formed through a propositional process, which involves making a conscious inference based on relevant information. Implicit attitudes generally affect unplanned behaviour, while explicit attitudes affect planned behaviour.

However, implicit and explicit attitudes can conflict, as explicit attitudes can easily be influenced by factors such as peer pressure and social norms. A DECC report showed that 71% of participants claimed to be “environmentally friendly in most things I do”. However, a follow-up question, aimed to find out their implicit attitudes discovered that 70% at least “occasionally” leave heating on when they go out. Although it is…

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