The Ending Of The Book Girl, Interrupted Essay

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Girl, Interrupted
5) The ending of the book Girl, Interrupted was a bit unresolved and somewhat resolved. The resolution was incomplete for the most part. Susanna leaves the hospital and gets married, gets a job, and catches up with old friends. This is what any other normal girl would do at this point. After a short period of time, she gets a divorce and gets a wealthy boyfriend. They take many trips together and one of them so happen to be to "The Frick.” Kaysen had visited this museum before with her high school English teacher when she was seventeen. While they were there together she saw a painting. She says that the painting is telling her to call it quits in the relationship she has with her teacher. In the story it talks about the girl in the painting and that, "Her mouth was slightly open as if she had just drawn a breath in order to say to me, don 't!" As you can probably guess, Kaysen disregarded this interpretation she had. The second time she goes, she is with her boyfriend. Catching a glimpse of the same painting she observes that the painting is called, "Girl Interrupted in her Music." At this time, Susan reminiscences that she was once interrupted by staying at a psychiatric hospital with a mental illness and her emotions start to stir. When she looks as the painting once again she sees a light casting down on it, this makes her think of it as life and how it frequently fails to show us how we and others truly are. This goes along with the last sentence in…

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