The End of Something Essay

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An analysis of “The End of Something”
«The end of something» is a four page long short story about something as simple as a breakup. In this analysis, I will write about the different parts of the story, and different kinds of symbols the author used during the short story. I chose this focus because that’s the most important thing to notice if you really want to understand the story. The author of this short story is the famous writer Ernest Hemingway. He lived in the 20th century, and most of his short stories and romans were based on his own life experiences, including many experiences from the world wars. Hemingway is well known for his writing style, and his iceberg theory. This short story is also a great example of how Hemingway
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In the second part of the story, the narrator tells us about the great, big mill in the center of the city that is now just ruins of it’s foundation. While Marjorie tells nick “It seems more like a castle” and chooses to see the romantic side of things, Nick on the other hand, doesn’t see things the same way. This is also a parallel of their relationship. Marjorie on one side is trying to see things the positive way, but Nick doesn’t see it like that. This part also makes you understand that Nick and Marjorie has been together or at least they known each other for a while. Because of this information, we can guess that the couple is probably in their twenties.
In the third part, the couple starts trolling for fish, but the fish doesn’t strike. This part of the story also seemed strange the first time I read it. I didn’t really get the relevance to the story, but after noticing that Hemingway uses a lot of symbols, I understood that the fish not striking, could be a symbol as well. "'They're feeding,' Marjorie said. 'But they won't strike,' Nick said." The fishes not striking are a symbol of Nick’s lack of interest in the relationship, but Marjorie keeps on trying. A couple of lines after the narrator tells us: "Marjorie did not reel in until the boat touched the shore." This tells us that Marjorie wasn’t ready to give up on the fishing and could also be a symbol of her not wanting to give up their relationship.
In the fourth part of the story,

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