Essay about The End Of World War II

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The end of World War II was marked by Americans dropping atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Many American soldiers returned home to their loved ones and started what is known as the “baby boom” era. America’s population was growing very rapidly, thus forcing many veterans to purchase houses through the G.I. Bill. The G.I. Bill was created in 1944 in order to help returning veterans from the war. Some of the benefits of the bill included: establishing hospitals, tuition and expenses paid for those attending school, as well as low interest mortgages for those buying a home or property. However, so many soldiers were taking advantage of this opportunity, it often lead to price-discrimination as well as high discrimination among income classes and race. Until 1950, over 8 million veterans received close to $4 billion from the G.I. Bill in compensation. This money lead to discrimination in housing, jobs, and education. As “whites” took priority in the wealth gap and governmental housing policies, many African Americans, Mexicans, Japanese, and Chinese became segregated from normal society. Chinese Americans were often denied citizenship until the 1950s, and Japanese Americans were often forced to give up their possessions and moved to government run “camps.” This re-organization of America’s society and economy also began as America enters the Cold War with the Soviet Union. During WWII, both the United States and Soviet Union were allies. When Germany admitted defeat, the…

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