The End Of World War I Essay example

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The end of World War I marked the beginning of the Jazz Age, bringing social change and economic prosperity to America. As the new culture flowered, writers sought new means of expression to convey the loss and meaningless of the new era. Francis Scott Fitzgerald was an American author who exchanged his ideas in the 1920’s through his writing as he explored and illustrated the deterioration of American society and culture. Fitzgerald’s encounters of the Jazz Age allowed him to reflect on the transformed society and its corrupted morals. His writings observed the lives of the rich upper class, while highlighting their underlying struggles and pursuit of the American Dream. Through his exploration of the Jazz Age, Fitzgerald’s writing captured the decadence of the 1920’s, which shed light on the hedonistic society while influencing and shaping American literature. Francis Scott Fitzgerald, born on September 24, 1896 in St. Paul, Minnesota, lived an upper-middle class Midwestern lifestyle with his parents, Mollie McQuillan and Edward Fitzgerald. His father’s failed business led the family to depend on his mother’s inheritance, exposing him to the wealth-dependent American lifestyle which would later influence his writing. “He came home that evening, an old man, a completely broken man. He had lost his essential drive, his immaculateness of purpose,” Fitzgerald recalled in an interview regarding his father, “He was a failure the rest of his days.” Not wanting to end up like…

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