The End Of World War I Essay

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The ending of World War 1 was supposed to be the beginning of peace. The allied forces proved to be victorious over the Central powers. This brought with it the 1919 Paris peace conference that was held in Versailles, France. This was done after the Armistice of November 11, 1918. The peace conference was mostly influenced by the Big Four. The Big Four consisted of three important leaders that were heavily involved in the war. These leaders were American President, Woodrow Wilson, the British Prime Minister, David Lloyd George, and the French Prime Minister, Georges Clemenceau. The fourth member, Italy Prime Minister Vittorio Orlando, was less important because Italy did not play a significant role in the war. Each leader had their interest in the outcome of the Paris Peace Conference. This created conflict between the leaders. Although, when the Treaty of Versailles was completed everyone seemed content with the outcome of the peace conference. Woodrow Willson even said that “we have completed in the least time possible the greatest work that four men have ever done.” (MacMillan, 2001, pg 460). So did this peace conference actually result in a success?

One of the biggest problems that led to the failure of the peace conference was the fact that Germany and Russia were not participators in the conference. Excluding Germany from this made it seem as though the decision was made to the allied power benefit. Germany still firmly believing that they did not admit defeat,…

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