Essay about The End Of The World War II

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In the midst of modern history (post World War II), the New World Order discomposed the old world order and browbeat the term conquest and territorial aggrandizement into the closet; however, the Middle East seems to be the exception to every rule. Over the past sixty years , armed hostile conflict and unrepentant governments have raged unchecked throughout the Middle East. Stability and peace are foreign words that do not translate in this region of the world. War ravaged Iran and Iraq in the 1980’s and the latter is currently in the midst of what seems to be endless occupation by the United States that threatens to turn into a civil war. In 1981, Israel attacked Iraq to end their aspirations of becoming a nuclear power. Now, the Jewish country propagates hatred throughout the Arab world for its treatment of the Palestinians. Iran broke the United Nations seal at a uranium enrichment facility in January 2006 to resume nuclear research as Israel nervously awaits the international community to shout foul. As time passes, these countries are beginning to find a reprehensible common ground on which to operate with each other, such as the Shia majority in Iraq and Iran. This relationship is sinister at best, as Iran attempts to usurp Iraq’s interim government by allying with the Iraqi Shia majority. Collectively, Iran and Iraq share a hatred of the Israeli’s and their relationship with the western world and some Arab countries. The common thread between all of them…

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