The End Of The Reconstruction Era Essay

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The word “freedom” has been a word that has always defined the United States. The United States was founded on the principal of freedom and is known as the land of free, however not everyone has been able to enjoy the same freedoms as others throughout the years. Minorities and women have had a constant struggle of gaining the same freedoms as white males have had. It is very interesting to see how has the meaning of freedom changed for minorities and women from the reconstruction period to the sixties. Minorities and women alike had seen a dramatic change in their meanings of freedom from the reconstruction period to the sixties.
To begin, the first and the most obvious change in the meaning of freedom for minorities was the start of the reconstruction era. Post-civil war African Americans were immediately jolted from the life of cruel slavery into the lives of citizens. However just because they were not slaves anymore did not mean they received the same freedoms of a white male. African Americans had lots of trouble finding any economic prosperity post-civil war for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons that African Americans had this issue of finding economic prosperity was they did not own any land. In the Reconstruction lecture notes we talked somewhat extensively about 40 arches and a mule. The concept of 40 arches and a mule was to give the freed slaves land to farm and become economically independent. However the 40 arches and a mule plan was for the most…

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