The End Of The Glorious Revolution Essay

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By the mid-late seventeen century the British Empire was flourishing, owning colonies in all major continents; a grand empire on which the sun never set. The most prolific and illustrious colonies of England were the thirteen American colonies. These colonies got a taste of freedom that they will never forget during the Glorious Revolution, which launched the tradition of salutary neglect. Robert Walpole believed that if the colonies were not heavily taxed and had the opportunity to engage in illegal trading all the extra money these colonies will make will inevitably come back to England, since the Americans had a tendency of shopping their money away. Brittan neglected their colonies in the Western land until the French and Indian War, the first time in which British troops battled in North America. The minute Brittan won the war the American colonist realized that they might not enjoy the presence of their mother (country) after all. After seven years of war Brittan invested most of its capital into winning this war, thus remaining with nothing but more Western land that needed to be managed.
The end of the French and Indian War meant an empty treasury for Brittan, and the only way to refill it was by enacting laws that enabled the mother country to overtax its colonies. The British Empire saw the American Colonies as one of the primary causes of this war, thus making them responsible for its reimbursements. As soon as George Grenville got hold of the prime minister seat…

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