The End Of The Cold War Essay

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A change in the paradigm might ascend in moments of grief and profound disarray. The end of the Cold War marked the end of the bipolar world, the expansion of the rapid mode of capitalist production and the permeating of globalization. However the most profound day in history that prompted the greatest shift in the international system was September 11th, 2001. The September 11th terrorist incursion on the World Trade Center in Lower Manhattan, New York City resonated a large kink in an already dubious and feeble international organization. The trauma that personified the American people after the terrorist invasion had sparked four existing movements in U.S. policy as a reaction to the ever-evolving dangerous world that neighbors them. Professor Anoush Ehteshami at Durham University in his article, “9/11 as a cause of Paradigm Shift” states, 1) To ensure American supremacy and predominance in both economic and military and terms (Ehteshami)

2) To adopt pre-emption as a central feature of US foreign policy; (Ehteshami)

3) To seek to defeat global terrorism and prevent the spread of weapons of mass destruction, which could also fall into the hands of terrorists; and,(Ehteshami)

4) To spread democracy to the ‘greater/broader’ Middle East as a political and security imperative of the United States. (Esteshami) The collapsing of the World Trade Center and the partial dilapidation of the Pentagon was not the only episode that granted the incursion international notoriety.…

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