The End Of The Civil War Essay

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union was however successful as it managed to free over 3 million slaves. The confederacy power was decimated by the emancipation proclamation. This greatly reduced the workforce of the confederation and drove the international opinion to stand by the union. Before the war ended, more than 186,000 black soldiers had joined the war and they fought alongside the union army, out of which 38,000 lives were lost. (Jordan and Thomas, 1999)
Later in the year after the civil war (1965), America adopted in 13th amendment. This amendment officially abolished slavery in America. This however was not the end of the trouble for the African Americans. The former slaves suffered significant challenges during the reconstruction period. The government though continually included the interests of the black Americans in the constitution. Even the former slaves enjoyed equal protection by the law though in some cases, these laws were ignored. They were even given the privilege to vote by the 15th amendment of the US constitution. Though it was difficult for the former slaves to fully enjoy their lives or thrive in their social and economic life as their white counterpart, their lives now were much better than their enslaved days (Jordan and Thomas, 1999).
It is impossible to ignore the crucial part played by the African Americans in the political life of America. This however did not mean peace for the black Americans, for a several later there was the reemergence of the white supremacy.…

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