The End Of The American Revolution Essay

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The end of the American Revolution marked the independence of the nation and the beginning of a country built on freedom; but there was a roadblock. The formation of this new country brought many controversial issues to the forefront of the budding government. How was the country going to be structured? The American people had their eyes set on democracy. This general idea promised to ensure everything that they wanted in a government. However, these same Americans struggled to define the word democracy as the members of the new country wrestled with the controversial components of the word. Americans struggled to determine how the issues of liberty versus order; federal power versus state power; and freedom versus slavery and discrimination were going to be resolved. Their final answer was that democracy would depend on balance. From 1783 to 1900, Americans found a balance between liberty and order and federal and state power; however, tenuous balance between freedom and slavery and discrimination crumbled at the onset of the Civil War and subsequent western expansion. The first issue that Americans sought to resolve was liberty versus order. Americans earned their freedom from the oppressing yoke of an over-bearing government through the victory of the American Revolution. With this achieved freedom, the leaders recognized the need for a centralized government to provide order and stability to the nation. The issue was how to balance these ideals without falling back…

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