The End Of Spring - Original Writing Essay

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Flowing cherry blossom petals are telling the end of spring. I was a middle school student in Japan who did not have any interest in playing sports. It was about lunch time, and everyone was eating lunch. I was eating my lunch and thinking what I am going to do for the rest of the lunch time. After I ate my lunch, I begun to walk around the campus of Oyaba middle school, the school that I spent two years of my precious adolescence, and I saw my friends, Shugo and Takumi, playing basketball at the court. They saw me too, and invited me to play basketball. I was not eager to play, but since I did not have anything else to do, I started to play basketball. It was a cold day for spring in which my life completely changed.
Since we only had three people, we started to shoot around. I took a shot. The ball flew like a dying bird and dropped two feet away from the basket. It was not even close. I did not think I was this bad at basketball. Shugo said “It’s not easy. Isn’t it?” I replied indifferently “Yeah, it’s harder than I thought.” At the beginning, I did not really care either I miss a shot or make a shot, but this is going to change significantly. Something started to spark inside my heart.
After missing several shots, I got tired, and I sat down on the court and watched Shugo and Takumi shooting around. I wanted to know why they make shots so easily. Takumi gets the ball. He sets his feet, jumps, and releases the ball. The ball flowed like a spear and went into the basket…

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