The End Of School Features Essay

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The end of school features many exciting new changes for first graders as they look forward to the new year. With the too-hot summer days approaching, my house was the only place in the neighborhood that had a large, above-ground pool. It was kept at a cool temperature and we even had a slide. Needless to say, my house was the neighborhood hotspot for most of the kids. It was simply another early summer day packed with humidity and sunscreen when my best friend’s parents came to pick their daughter up. My friend Tiffany had her bags all packed and ready to go, and the entire family was ready to leave until they saw Rachel, another friend of mine who was African American, still splashing around in the pool with me. Tiffany’s parents made a comment to mine about wanting to catch up and give their daughter a couple more minutes of time to play. I, of course, was excited to spend some extra time together and the three of us ran back outside to have a splash war. Sometime later I remember being thirsty and going to get some water from the house. It was then that I heard Tiffany’s parents yelling. “You can’t let that girl swim in the pool! It’s unsanitary and wrong!” At the time I had no idea what unsanitary meant but I had no idea why Tiffany’s parent’s wouldn’t want me or Rachel to swim in the pool. It was shallow and the three of us had all had our fair share of swim lessons. My mom had rules put in place to make sure that everyone would be safe. “If you let that black…

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