The End Of Free Trade Company Essay

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In the begin of free trade company did not have any restrictions on business pricing. The only restrictions that the government employ imposed on most only is the Commerce Clause. It as not until 1890 were the a Senator from ohio by the name of John Sherman who give large support to create Sherman Anti-Trust Act of 1890 (15 U.S.C.A. §§ 1 et seq.). These an it trust law was to regulate companies so that they would not create monopolies or try to control the market by market by price Gallatin. These law was the begin of many anti-trust law to govern over companies with the United States.Some businesses have tried to eliminate competition through illegal means, such as fixing prices and assigning exclusive territories to different competitors within an industry. in theory the Sherman Antitrust was to stop just such action that I have described above however, it did not always work because it did not fall into the category of all the illegal unethical behavior that we 're going on by being stepped on . Such as insider trading private backdoor agreements that went on in club will prices with sex with different individuals didn 't always write down the agreement. Come inside agreement could happen at a club with a handshake . The Congress reluctantly governed over companies and gave them some restrictions but did little to enforce the restrictions they gave them.

It wasn 't until 1914 where The Clayton Act and the creation of the Trade Commission was companies more restricted and…

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