The End Of Easy Everything By Michael T Klare

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The United States as well as the rest of the world are dealing with the issue that the world supply of oil is dwindling. Ever since our peak consumption year in 2005 the United States has been a major consumer of crude oil and petroleum products. As of 2012 according to the United States Energy Information Administration “The United States consumed 18.6 million barrels per day of petroleum products, making us the world’s largest petroleum consumer.” The U.S. has long been dependent on foreign petroleum products to meet our ever growing energy demands and consumption. With the revolutionary and controversial rise of fracking it is now possible for the United States to become a self energy sufficient country. With fracking, the proper technology …show more content…
In the article “The End of Easy Everything” by Michael T. Klare he details the controversial process of how these unconventional sources of oil and gas are extracted. “To obtain gas in this manner, a powerful drill is used to reach a gas-bearing shale formation, often thousands of feet underground, and then turned sidewise to penetrate the shale layer in several directions. Then concrete is applied to the outer walls of the resulting channels, explosives are set off to penetrate the rock; then millions of gallons of water-usually laced with lubricants and toxic chemicals-are poured into the openings to fracture the stone and release the gas. The “frack” water is then pumped back up and stored on site or sent for disposal elsewhere, after which the gas is sucked out of the ground.” Although this process has only recently existed making fracking much more alluring in an article by Matt Egan “Oil Milestone: Fracking fuels half of U.S. Output” he details how the fracking revolution has taken place. “Innovation has made previously-expensive fracking much more efficient. High oil prices before and after the Great Recession lured tons of investment dollars fueling a technological revolution.” In addition the United States sits on massive shale reservoirs such as the Green River formation and the Marcellus shale field. These natural reservoirs of oil and natural gas can provide not only for the needs of the United States but also the rest of the world increasing our international

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