The End Of A Marriage Essay

842 Words Mar 14th, 2016 4 Pages
Age thirteen can be a tough age for some. It is (at least for me) the year we graduate the eighth grade and move on to become a freshman in high school. Not to mention the start of one 's teen years and that of puberty. Unfortunately, it was also the age my parents decided to go separate ways and divorce. Divorce as defined by the Merriam-Webster dictionary is the end of a marriage by legal process. The word divorce makes many teens feel uneasy; some know the meaning all too well. The thought of my parents divorcing was living in the back of my mind, due to the constant arguing and fighting. When parents fight it causes us teens to feel unpleasant. Having to go through this process as a teen is difficult and even more so, to cope with it. My goal is to share ways to help you cope with your guardians divorcing.
The first and most important step to help you cope with this is to not blame yourself. This is most likely to be your immediate reaction and perhaps say "this is all my fault”, when in reality you were never the problem to start with. Many teens, like myself, get caught in between their parents who are arguing and angry with each other. It may be even harder for you knowing that your peers still have both parents in a relationship. Do not let that bother you. In fact, you never know if their parents will divorce in the future. Author Kingsolver says in her piece “Stone Soup” that, "we are statistically more likely to divorce, and to live in blended families or other…

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